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  1. NCREYNEKE says:

    Hi Belinda,

    I just wanted to find out what is your take on intermitten fasting. Would you recommend using it in conjunction with your program? Like for instance if i combined all your workouts with the eat stop eat program then will i still get great results?


    • Hi Nadine! Yes you can combine the workouts with eat stop eat and get great results (although you should pay close attention to timing your workouts for when you have sufficient food energy available) – but in my opinion for sustainable long term results you are best following the Get Lean Nutrition Plan. Bel

  2. Hi Belinda,

    I’ve started doing my workouts on the intermediate level. Monday- Bodyweight workout 1, Tuesday- resistance workout 1, Thursday-Bodyweight workout 2, Friday-Resistance workout 2 and Saturday-HIIT. Can i change this workout routine from week to week for example with workouts 3 & 4, or must i stick to this routine for the entire 8 weeks. If so then what workouts must i do after the 8 weeks are up because you say the you have to change your routine every 8 weeks because i’m already incorporating all the workouts already in one week,eg:bodyweight, resistance & HIIT?
    Another question, if i do HIIT once a week then must i still progress over the weeks like in your progression plan?


    • HI Nadine, I am going to do a Q & A video this Friday and will include the answer to your question there. I will post the link under “Your Questions” and also here :)


      LInk to the video answer:

    • Hi Nadine :)

      If you are doing the bodyweight and resistance training keep progressing through the workouts in order 1-4. So:

      Monday: Bodyweight 1
      Tuesday: Resistance 1
      Wednesday: Rest
      Thursday: Bodyweight 2
      Friday: Resistance 2
      Saturday: HIIT

      Monday: Bodyweight 3
      Tuesday: Resistance 3
      Wednesday: Rest
      Thursday: Bodyweight 4
      Friday: Resistance 4
      Saturday: HIIT

      If you are doing HIIT still progress as per the plan. In terms of what to after 8 weeks – it depends on how you are progressing. And I normally recommend a rest week for full recovery before you start training again. At that stage, I would love to see your progress pics and ask you a few questions before recommending the next steps. It all depends on how your body has responded to this first phase of training and what areas now need the most attention.

      Please let me know if that helps!


  3. Hi Belinda
    I have just downloaded all the videos and will be reading up this Sunday before I plunge into the routine. But before that a quick clarification is what i needed. How many reps per exercise do I need to do. FYI- I have been doing Joey’s ULBHTW the beginner version, splitting it half and half alternate days with 1 hour of moderate walking. I train 6 days a week. I will starting with beginner and moving my way up. Appreciate your reply….before I bombard you with more Q’s. Thanks

    • Hi Nehal, I love questions :) If you are doing the Resistance training look at the second to last page on in the Beginner Workouts PDF and you will see a progression plan – that is what you need to follow for the reps. For the Bodyweight, there is also a progression plan based on number of seconds for each exercise and how many circuits. Take a look and if you have any questions please post them in the forum in the Ask Belinda section:


  4. Hiiiii Belinda!! i will first say that i am BLOWN away by all the information and WORK you have put into developing this program!! the videos and reading material/recipes…its just all so awesome…its very obvious that you are truly trying to HELP people by giving us all this amazing information while keeping it affordable!! i’m so happy i found you!
    I am so very impressed and can’t wait to start the workouts tomorrow!! The cost of this program versus what you give is just amazing-i’ve done other online training before and nothing compares to your site and information!! thank you so much!!

    ok..two questions…
    1.) how to i upload and and SAVE the memory clips to my iphone?
    2.)the forum tells me that i am logged in, yet i can’t see any comments or sections or anything??

    thank you so much for your time…i feel like i’ve finally found the coach i’ve been searching for!
    Much love all the way from New York!! :)

    • Helloooooooo Colleen :) :)

      I am thrilled you are blown away!! I really really do care about trying to help people, and put my heart and soul into this program – because I know it really works!

      Your Questions:

      1. Go to the video page for the specified workout and right click the link above the Memory Jogger Video that says “Right-click and Save As to download the video now” and save it to your computer (either your desktop or a folder that you can find later). Once it is downloaded, plug your phone into your computer and copy the video file over. You may be able to download direct to your iPhone if you have internet access on it.

      2. Re the forum, we had a problem with the forum software and are working on fixing that right now! I apologize for the delay and as soon as it’s fixed I will let you know. In the meantime, try logging out then in again and see if that works.

  5. KARINWAY says:

    Hi Belinda,firstly I want to tell you you are such an inspiration!
    My question is how do I? Or do I need to incorporate your calvin clien ab workout as well as a cellulite workout with your new program? I have been doing your previous getlean workout program for 4 weeks, 1 and 2 Monday and Tuesdays followed with HIIT and abs wed and Sat then workout 3 thursday and Friday workout 4. But I am always adding cellulite leg workout and calvin ab workouts as well afraid to leave anything out !.I am very motivated .
    However this is very time consuming, i do not want to over train and defeat my purpose either . I will be 47 this August. A mother of 4 step mom of 2 with my own busy home based hairstyling bussiness!
    I am working towards incorporating your new program just trying to figure it out how to utilize it most effectively before begginning.
    Thank you in advance for all your help!
    Your are amazing!


    • Hi Karin!! Thank you :) :)

      Congratulations on juggling your busy life with your fitness goals – now that is inspiring and what a great role model for your kids (and clients lol)!

      I need a little more info to answer your questions. How many days a week do you want to train, ideally? How much weight would you like to lose – what are your priorities for your body? What are your most difficult areas to see improvement in? How is your nutrition going?

      Get back to me and then we can take it from there!


      • KARINWAY says:

        Hi Belinda,

        Thank you forgetting back to me so quickly. Right now I am working out 5-6 days a week. Ideally when I reach my desired form (yours) lol, I would like to workout 3 to 4 times a week or what ever it would take to maintain .That being said, I am unsure now that I could cut back because I am mentally consumed with my workouts and excited with the possibilites!!:) Thanks to you!!.It really weighs on my mind until I get a workout in. But some days it can be 10 ocllock at night!
        My nutrition is along your guide line, I have really reformed .I am very conscious of what I eat but definitely room for restraint, as I do struggle with my sweet tooth and I have a baker in the house!
        I currently weigh 139. I waffle between that and 142:( . I would like to get closer to the 130 mark. My height is 5’4. and 1/2 inch. That extra 1/2 inch matters :) ! I am really feeling and seeing a difference.
        Cellulite however, is an issue on my legs and butt. I feel slimmer but my weight is the same. Again, I want to cover it all but do not want to defeat the purpose .
        I hope this helps…..

        Thank you,
        You are the best :)


        • HI Karin :)

          This is a situation where you need to get really in touch with your body – and what it responds best to.

          Because of your working hours and the demands of your family – you have to train smart – and this means working in with the natural rhythm of your body, energy levels and lifestyle.

          Some workouts require more mental energy than others.

          On the days you are feeling lower energy – do the lower body cellulite program. On the days you are feeling higher energy to one of my bodyweight or resistance training workouts. If you are really pressed for time do my bodyweight workout of the month for April:

          My workouts include the abs so it’s not necessary to do the CK routine – at this stage.

          What I would love you to do is on a calendar or in a diary, keep track of what workouts you do and when. Make a note the following day how you are feeling, energy and any soreness. Try to see what seems to challenge you the most and makes you feel the best the next day. You will start to get in tune with what your body needs.

          To get results training 4 times a week is good – an extra day is great but keep it short! Keep your treats to the weekend – as a little reward for working hard during the week and try to cut out the alcohol if you are still having any – at least for 6 weeks as a detox.

          Follow this system for 2 weeks then let me know how it’s going and what you have discovered and we can go from there!



    Hi Belinda,

    I want to use Prograde Supplements, but I’m staying in South-Africa…I’m not sure if I can order Prograde from the US and if I will definitely receive my products if I order? Is there any other products similar to Prograde that is available in South-Africa or what do you suggest?

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    • Hi Ilse! Thanks for your question :)

      I believe Prograde will ship securely to you no worries. But if you give me a list of low/no carbohydrate, sugar free protein powders available locally to you and can recommend the best one!


  7. I have a question….I am not sure how to follow the bodyweight workouts….there are several different workouts in each class (beginner, intermediate, advanced) but how do I follow these? Do you do every workout every time you train or do you do one different workout each day or what? There is no explanation for this with the workouts. Help please. Thank you!

  8. Hi Belinda, have just started your eating plan (eek!) and was wondering if I need to eat all meals/snacks in full? I’m finding that I’m not hungry and struggling to finish all my meals/snacks. Also, I’ve had long term constipation and I’m hoping this new eating plan will help with this, but is there anything I can take that you recommend in the meantime to get things moving along? Thanks! :)

    • Hi Suzan! If you’re not hungry then no, you don’t need to eat the full portion size. Just watch out though that you don’t have any energy dips during the day due to lower blood sugar levels. If so, make sure you increase back the portion size around those times. Re the constipation – YES I have two recommendations. Digestive Greens and Activated Charcoal Tablets – you should be able to find these locally, if not let me know and I’ll send you links. If you are based in the US check out Lucky Vitamin online. Take the Activated Charcoal 1 capsule with breakfast, lunch and dinner and the digestive greens with dinner also.

      Let me know how it’s going by posting in the forum:


  9. Hi Belinda,

    I’m not sure where to start on the PDF files.
    I’m a little overwhelmed and confused with all the information…….
    Can you give me an order in which to go by? I did download them in order but now since putting them into a folder have gotten them all out of order.
    Also how many cardio sessions and weight training session do you recommend per week?


    • Hi Shellg – can we call you Shell?

      Re organizing your files, could you please submit a ticket here: and Meegan will help you with that. Just explain your situation and she’s great with that stuff.

      Ideally 3-4 weight or bodyweight sessions and 2 HIIT, but it depends a little on your goals, and how to structure your workout week. I just checked and I see you’ve posted in the forum saying hi – I’ve replied there. Please post underneath how many days a week you’d ideally like to workout and I’ll put together a starting program for you. Let me know if you prefer weight training or bodyweight!

      Talk soon,



    Hello Belinda,

    I just bought you program and started to read and I don’t understand how to fill the tracking sheet. What it is the letters that appears in the left column (exercise)? D WO L? And in this Beginner level you have 3 bodyworkouts and 1 challenge. I have to do all of this in onde day? I mean, these 4 bodyworkouts is one session of training?…I don’t know if I made myself understandable because my language is portuguese and spanish, not english. I understand pretty good the english but writting is another thing…

    And what is “interval trainning”? and “finishers”?

    Thank you,

    • Hola Silvia ¡bienvenidos!

      OK, so:

      WO=Workout Number (1,2,3 or Challenge)
      L=Level (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced)

      Check the Jump Start Training Guide – inside there is an example of how to fill out that form.

      Choose one workout to do per day – I recommend working out 3 times a week to start. There are example schedules in the Jump Start Guide.

      Interval Training is alternate fast and slow exercises – or “intervals” – “finishers” are extra moves you can do at the end of your workout.

      If you post in the forum to introduce yourself – I can help put a starting program together for you, if you want to write to me in Spanish that is OK (I lived in Panama for 8 years). I understand everything but my grammar isn’t fantastic ;)

      Hablamos pronto!


  11. AngelaMarie says:

    Hi Belinda,

    I am looking for the following workouts so I can be focussed on these areas – inner thighs, tuckshop arms, tummy. Just found the one for bra fat workout which looks fab!

    Also, I previously contacted you about a low carb diet menu. I followed the Atkins program last year which was OK. Now I am doing Paleo and its quite hard. I need a happy medium. I did put on 3 kg’s once I reintroduced carbs which is what really worries me. The LCHF option seems to work best for me and I am not bloated on this diet either.

    I need to eat consistantly though on this diet. Snacking every hour or so.

    Let me know if you need any more info from me.



    • Hi Ange! Yes I absolutely remember you :) The Banish Your Bra Fat Workout is perfect for what you’re looking for!

      I hear you on the low carb, Atkins and LCHF but you need to do a few tweaks.

      Could you please post this question in the forum? That’s where I do all the coaching and it’s easier for me to keep a track of my advice, the routines you’re doing and your progress.

      I’ll watch for your post there…if I don’t hear from you I’ll reconnect via this comment :)

      Talk soon!


  12. Belinda,

    I just started reading about your program and have questions on two points:

    1) In part 2:How to make the Get Lean Program Work For You, page 28 states “To optimize results for weight loss try to do your cardio either on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, or if you do weight training, after that.” Does that mean to do your weight training then your cardio before you eat breakfast?

    2) In part 3: 90 Day Meal Plan,the BB Tip on page 6 says “To get the most out of your workout you need to have a small serving of protein and complex carbohydrates around 1 hour before and 1 hour after you train.” So, do I work out first thing in the morning on an empty stomach or is this referring to workouts done later in the day?

    Thank you for clearing up my confusion.


    • Hi Donna, great to hear from you and thanks for your questions :)

      1. You have a few options with the cardio. If you want to combine your weight training and cardio on the same day – and do it all early in the morning, then yes do them together before breakfast. Another option is splitting up your training, doing your weight in the morning before breakfast then your cardio later in the day. Or, alternate workout days with cardio days – that’s normally what I recommend.

      2. Re working out first thing in the morning – ideally have a 1/2 serve protein shake before you train – but it depends on the person, since it’s really early in the morning some people can’t stomach anything. If that’s the case for you, have a 1/2 serve protein shake as soon as you finish then breakfast afterwards – and then another 1/2 serve protein shake in the afternoon.

      If you haven’t already, please post in the forum to say “hi” so I can help put together a starting workout routine for you and guide you week to week with the program. That way we can keep all my answers to your questions there so it’s easy for you to refer back.

      Let me know a little about yourself, your goals, the trouble zones you’d like to target and what your eating is like.

      Looking forward to hearing from you!


  13. Valerie says:

    Hi Belinda

    Got your Get lean program,still busy working and reading them.
    Doing all my planning and eager to start asap.

    Little bit confused with the use of the protein shake just asking for some clarity ,as the one on the daily meal plan is a snack.
    So the protein shake you have before or after your workouts are extra or will this be your shake for the day?
    Part 3 90 day meal plan page 6 you talk about when to drink your protein shake and swap your meals around,so will I then swap my snacks around?
    As my workouts will be an hour and half after breakfast.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!!

    • Belinda says:

      Hi Valerie, great to have you on board and welcome!

      Good questions. Because everyone’s routine is a little different the protein shake is scheduled as a snack – ideally had before or after your training but this is not always possible. Sometimes I recommend splitting the shake (1/2 serve) and having half around the time of your training and half in the afternoon. Many women find the afternoon shake helps a lot to ward off cravings and tide them over to dinner – and boost energy levels.

      If you’re working out an hour and half after breakfast – have your shake straight away afterwards – and swap your morning snack to the afternoon. See how that goes. Another option if you start to get really hungry late afternoon is half serve snack and protein shake divided as your morning and afternoon snacks. I hope that makes sense!

      If you post in the forum and let me know a little more about yourself, your training and goals – I can help you put together the ideal weekly workout program plus answer your ongoing questions re your nutrition :)

      Please keep me update on how things are going!


  14. Hello Belinda,
    Just a quick question. What do you suggest when you are feeling under the weather. Do you still persist and workout through it, or do you suggest taking time off?
    Thank you

    • Hi Yvette!

      GREAT question and thanks for posting :)

      I’ve written a post in the forum exactly about this.

      Please check here: Training During and After Being Sick << Take a peek and let me know if this helps, and FYI the Chicken Soup Recipe is awesome – I have some going on the stove right now in fact! Get better soon and please let me know how you’re going via the forum. Bel XO

  15. Sandra Soper says:

    Hi Bel. I’ve only been doing your program for 3.5 weeks but am loving it and the results. My question is actually for my sister, who is 41. She has always battled with her weight, more so than I, but over the past year or so has really really struggled to shed the extra pounds. She has a personal trainer come to her house a few times a week, does heaps of cardio work a week and is following a really strict diet with no potatoes, pasta, bread or red meat. I have asked her to check out your page but she is really reluctant to try anything yet as she has now cut her diet even more. I am actually really worried that this is not the right way to go about things. I have just messaged her my side by sides so that she can see the difference a few weeks has made for me, but she thinks that I simply find it easier to lose weight (not true).

    I would just like to know what your take on no carbs at all and the red meat thing is?

    • Belinda says:

      Hi Sandra, great to hear from you and excited that you’re loving program and results :)

      It’s always a little tricky with family….for some reason they don’t tend to listen lol. It took my Mum years to listen to my little gentle loving tips but thankfully now she is taking things on board with great results. No carbs is not ideal and red meat is a personal choice – certainly nothing wrong with red meat in terms of weight loss. I just did a Facebook Live video today where I talk about carbs which she may enjoy. I’ll be posting a shorter version on my page over the weekend. Softly, softly is the best approach and let her come to you…I guess the main thing is that she is exercising…as long as she doesn’t restrict her calories too much and start getting run down and feeling over tired.

      Keep up the great results Sandra, and I think that will speak volumes to her. Big hug!! Bel XOXO

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